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  • 1. What is the MAGfinity track system?

    MAGfinity is a high-end, customizable, low voltage magnetic track lighting system, which can be installed in different shapes, designs, and lengths. MAGfinity is a versatile lighting system as it offers a variety of accessories and mounting options, and designer luminaires you can easily install.

  • 2. How does it work?

    The MAGfinity track creates a slim, clean slot, and pre-configured corners complete the system that can run up, around, and across walls and ceilings.
    Once the track has been installed, our designer luminaries snap in place and connect automatically through the magic of magnets. This allows for an infinite amount of combinations with our designer lighting and accent fixtures.

  • 3. What differs MAGfinity from the other tracks?

    As the name indicates, it’s magnetic - and it has an infinite amount of opportunities for design, layouts, and combinations. And unlike other track lighting systems, it’s low voltage, which means it’s completely safe to move the luminaries around with no tools, and no experienced installer present.

  • 4. What are the benefits of using MAGfinity over other track lighting systems?

    Since the MagFinity is all LED lighting, it’s more energy-efficient than regular tracks that use fluorescent bulbs, and since it’s magnetic - it is easy to change the fixtures, and it’s completely safe! You can move them around and update your system with new fixtures as they are released. We pay attention to all the small details, take great care in our designs, and the track itself is designed to last and impress. 

  • 5. Is MAGfinity an LED?

    Yes, it is; all the luminaires in the MagFinity track lighting system from Centerlight are LED. 

  • 6. Is MAGfinity safe?

    MagFinity is run on Class 2 power and features a no shock electrical connection - which is why it’s completely safe to install, move and take out the fixtures yourself, with no tools or no help from a professional installer! 

  • 7. What are MAGfinity Luminaires?

    The MagFinity luminaires are designer lighting fixtures that are compatible with the MagFinity track system. We offer Six different luminaries in different sizes with various purposes and benefits. They can be exchanged and repositioned quickly, without tools, with artistic results. 

  • 8. How are the MAGfinity luminaries installed?

    The luminaires are all compatible with the magnetic track and will snap easily into place due to the magnetic attraction. You can place, detach, and move them easily with no need for any tools or use of excessive force.

  • 9. How many Luminaries can be installed per standard track?

    You can fit Up to 10 fixtures on the standard 6.5 ft track. The sizes of the Luminaires vary, so it depends on which ones you choose. In terms of power consumption, a track run can support up to 100w, so if you need the combined consumption to exceed this, you will need to add an additional LED Driver.

  • 10. How far can the MAGfinity track go?

    There is no limit to how far the track can go - it goes on to infinity and beyond! 

  • 11. How short can MAGfinity track be?

    MAGfinity can be cut to any length. To fit our smallest luminaire - the Capella S or Orion S, you need a minimum of 6 inches of track length, but we do not recommend this, as the MagFinity is not designed for such a setup. 

  • 12. Can MAGfinity be connected from different angles?

    The MagFinity track system offers various corners and connectors that enable you to connect your tracks at a 90-degree angle and transition from wall to ceiling. If a different angle, such as a 45-degree, is desired, Centerlight can arrange this for a custom order.

  • 13. Can the MAGfinity track be customized into different shapes and patterns?

    Yes, it can! We provide different connections that enable you to install the track in different directions creating striking designs such as grids and geometric designs. 

  • 14. How long is the track?

    The MagFinity standard track is 6.5 ft, but can be cut shorter, and extended with the help of connectors. 

  • 15. How long can the MAGfinity track be with a single power supply connection?

    You can connect up to 15 tracks - making The track itself can be up to 100ft, with only one power supply, as long as the total power consumption is below 100 watts. 

  • 16. Is MAGfinity Dimmable?

    Yes it is; we offer a remote power supply with 0-10V / 1-10 dimming. 

  • 17. Where is MAGfinity suitable?

    MAGfinity is versatile and customizable - it’s suitable for residential and commercial spaces, and especially useful for retail spaces and galleries where exhibitions and important features may need to change from time to time. It’s ideal for new construction, and there are different types of mounting options for different types of ceilings. 

  • 18. Can I use MAGfinity with Alexa or Google home?

    MAGfinity is compatible with smart control systems; please contact sales for more information.